Chapter 5 by Josh Compton

In my book Sympathy for Jonah it was noted that the Book of Jonah doesn’t really end. In chapter 4, YHWH – God – very gently makes the case for mercy upon the diabolically evil. But we never hear how Jonah responds. There is no chapter 5. So I asked people to scribble out their own endings to the story and send them to me.

Ohio folk musician Josh Compton sent in the ending below.

Also, have a listen to one of his beautiful records, Hilo. And more here

And alsohere’s a review he did of my Jonah record, mixed in with excerpts of his own reflections on the book of Jonah, written sometime before…

Anyway, find a quiet space to read this; Chapter 5…

Jonah 5 by Josh Compton