A biography of musical releases. The latest is at the top.





Book of Jonah sepia

The Book of Jonah (2017)

A radiophonic production of The Book of Jonah, narrated by Professor N. T. Wright, starring Professor Alastair McIntosh as Jonah, with songs and spaghetti western soundscapes by David Benjamin Blower.





Welcome the Stranger (2016)

A record of protest songs about the refugee crisis, and about what it means to be Western, or British anymore.





Kingdom Vs. Empire (2013)k-vs-e-album-cover.jpgThe second ABH record comes with a book by the same title, which can be bought with the record, or as an e-book.






ExilesExiles (2012)

Re-tells the story of the exile of the people of Judah in Babylon in the 6th century BC. Includes: Where You Don’t Want to Go… 





A Broken Hearted Christmas A Broken Hearted Christmas(2011)
A free EP. We recorded five songs, but we let passers by come and join the band, and a man with a voice like a plug-hole showed up and sank both Hark! The Herald Angels Sing and O Come, O Come Immanuel. So only three songs in the end.





BBabylon Is Dead Vol #2 - The Illusion Of Freedomabylon is Dead Vol#2 (2011)

A free EP.

Vincent Gould edited together an incredible video for the first track.





The Darkness Doesn't Love You Baby, Come Out While You CanThe Darkness Doesn’t Love You Baby, Come Out While You Can… (2010)

We wanted to play music on the streets and start street parties and riots and civil unrest and such, so we created a band that could play anywhere. I recorded these songs in an effort to try and create something called The Army of the Broken Hearted.





The Pillar of SmokePillar of Smoke (2008)

“Interesting, passionate music that amuses and stimulates in equal measure. Uneasy listening… a peerless release” -The Line of Best Fit (85%)

“Loose, organic and totally compelling.” –Cross Rhythms (9/10)




Babylon Is Dead Vol #1

Babylon is Dead Vol#1 (2008)

Free to download.

More people got hold of this record than any other I’ve done, because of a reggae artist called Franz Job released an album by the same name at the same time. So all the people looking for a free version of his found mine by accident.



It's Raining Glass And TearsIt’s Raining Glass & Tears (2004)

Made of samples of glass and crockery smashed and against the back wall of my house in Brighton. Apocalyptic beat poetry.