New Adventures in Podcasting

10942445_10152998323600482_7593685446361484321_nGreetings Beloved Listeners.

I’m now officially part of¬†Nomad Podcast.

Here’s our recent interview with Rowan Williams on Prayer.

And here’s a Nomad devotional I made with help from Rabbi Margaret Jacobi, Brian McLaren and urban gardener Sam Ewell. It’s about the Holy Spirit. These are sound collages, made of readings, discussions, prayers, songs, sound and music.

Future¬†devotionals will be come out each month as bonus content for our patrons, so if you’d like to support Nomad, you can do so here. Our interviews are always free though.

We used to sneer at people who’d put their hands up to the television screen, looking for spirituality through machines. Now look at us.