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Sympathy for Jonah (2016)

“David Blower has written a marvelous reflection on what may be the Bible’s most subversive and misunderstood story. Not only are his insights incisive and needed, his writing is a delight to read.” —Brian D. McLaren, author/speaker/activist 

“I picked it up, started to read it and couldn’t stop. It’s the kind of book that I would love to have written myself, but have neither the insight, the imagination nor the sheer literary skill or flair to do so. Its an irresistible, fanciful, terrifying book: brilliant, beautiful and colourful, but brutal, awful and confronting. It is a book about Jonah that does a Jonah on us: calling us to engage the brutal realities of the world we live in; not letting us run from our call by sending a whale of a story along to swallow us up; forcing us to face that which we fear most in the belly of the beast; then throwing us up into the clear light of day, without any illusions, to love our imperialist and terrorist enemies, by addressing ourselves to them with the same unarmed honest naked vulnerability that Jonah – and later Jesus – displayed. This is The Gospel According To Jonah for today.” —Dave Andrews, author of Plan Be, and Christi-Anarchy

“Elegaic in its writing and prophetic in its message, Blower’s study brings the ancient Biblical myth of Jonah back to life with fresh relevance for our times, especially so with Jonah’s city so much in the news, and for the same reasons as before: that to say, Nineveh, or Mosul in northern Iraq.” —Alastair McIntosh, Professor, School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh, author of Soil and Soul and Spiritual Activism

“Identifying the empire—not the big fish—as the real beast in the book, this powerful and poetic re-telling of the Jonah story brings a familiar tale to life in fresh ways, and invites readers to face the challenge of engaging creatively and vulnerably with the powers that be.” —Stuart Murray Williams, author of The Naked Anabaptist, Multi-Voiced Church and Church After Christendom

“Here he is again, ready for round two. His latest is about as unsettling as it gets. I’ve been following David’s work for some time now. I know how he operates, but he still catches me off guard. So put down whatever you’re reading, pick up this book, and brace yourself!”  —Tim Nash, Nomad Podcast

“David Benjamin Blower brings us a renewed song of hope—in the shape of Jonah wrapped up in a whale. This is a work of imagination and erudition as well as an elegy that speaks of a way of being that for so long has eluded concerned Christians. At last God has given us a prophet who dares to tell us like it is. Listen up—let Jonah help us to see our task as Christians in troubled times. Read and listen to David Benjamin Blower if you dare—but with assurance that grace is so much in abundance our fretfulness will be transformed into passion.” —Ann Morisy, author of Beyond the Good Samaritan and Journeying Out


K-vs-E-Book-Cover-730x1024Kingdom vs Empire (2013)  (paperback version available here)

This book began life as liner notes for an Army of the Broken Hearted album; the eleven chapters corresponding with the eleven songs. Its a piece of contemporary apocalyptic writing.

‘I’m still recovering from the prophetic body blow of David Benjamin Blower’s first book Kingdom vs. Empire… What David does, like all true prophets should, is to unsettle. Prophetic tremors emanate from his music, writing and activism. Anyone within his radius is knocked off balance, disoriented, dizzied, bloodied even. There’s enough people offering salve, but few have the courage to rip off the plaster and examine the wound.’ – Tim Nash, Nomad Podacst

‘This is a stunning looking and rich piece of work – thoughtful and thought-provoking, a real work of art in the broadest and best sense.’ – Kester Brewin, Author of Other, andThe Complex Christ 

‘Benjamin Blower’s exposure of the market’s ‘benevolent hand’ & the media’s ‘phallic gaze’ in Kingdom vs. Empire unravels the power of the West. [This] mindset-breaking, counter-cultural little book is a skilfully crafted tool for life. Read it & be moved.’  – Roger Haydon Mitchell, Author of Church, Gospel and Empire, and The Fall of the Church