Ched Myers, Benjamin Harris & My New Book..

Sympathy first copies.jpg

So, once again, the liner notes for a record turned themselves into a book (while the record itself died in the carcass of my old computer).

More about the book itself soon. For now I would like to mention two of my heroes involved in it.

The cover art is an illustration by Benjamin Harris. He drew it especially for the book (during his theology lectures, as far as I can tell). So much of the story is in this image: the leaves of the gourd surrounding his head, the twigs, which make peace signs, the Assyrian beard growing out of his face, representing his awful proximity to his loathsome enemies. But I think Benjamin has captured most of Jonah’s story in the eyes, which speak for themselves.

I am also honoured to have a foreword by the theologian Ched Myers, who is one of the first to unpack the anti-empire themes in the New Testament; themes which now dominate the work of so many theological thinkers. His political commentary on Mark, Binding the Strongman, was a paradigm shifting book, and certainly had a huge impact on me, and on my book on Jonah.

As for the book itself, we’ll say more soon…



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