The New Record…


13233058_10156958748385525_1402765941912761521_n.jpgDear all. The new record: a collection of stories and reflections from the refugee crisis.

We’re used to seeing rows of refugee tents in faraway lands. The camps that now appear on our own borders mark a new thing. The Strangers have made a fork in the road in front of us. What now? How does Albion walk into the emerging future?

Welcome the Stranger, is out this Monday, 23rd of May.

Available for download – pay as you feel (Minimum £1) – at Minor Artists and Bandcamp. Hard copies from Minor Artists, or from me if you find me at a gig.

Proceeds from downloads will go to Citizens UK, who are working to help children stranded in Calais to get to their family members in the UK.

Half the money from cd sales will go to Kings Heath Collects; a local Birmingham task force who are collecting, sending and raising funds and awareness.

More soon…


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