Sympathy for Jonah is Available

The new book Sympathy for Jonah is out now. Its a book about meltdown, whale ingestion and Waitsian doom-musicals. Its a book about living in a time of escalating imperialism and terror. And above all else its a about how ordinary people live radical lives in world of apparently threatening Others. Here’s some commendations… “David Blower has written […]

“Good News” and Our Quiet Little War in Yemen

My dear friend Vincent Gould made this video for In Praise of Rome. It is made, appropriately, out of footage from the war in Yemen, which we British are quietly supporting; supplying weapons and logistical help to the Saudi regime. All this got ugly for us last week, for reasons I’ll mention further down. But first, in […]

Ched Myers, Benjamin Harris & My New Book..

So, once again, the liner notes for a record turned themselves into a book (while the record itself died in the carcass of my old computer). More about the book itself soon. For now I would like to mention two of my heroes involved in it. The cover art is an illustration by Benjamin Harris. He drew it […]

Nomad Interview

Here’s an interview with myself, a Syrian refugee, and a refugee worker, on Nomad Podcast. Featuring, Adel: a young man from Syria who fled at the beginning of the war to avoid conscription into Assad’s army. He tells the story of his journey across the Sahara and the Mediterranean, to the squaller of Calais and […]

Welcome the Stranger into your Lounge

I’ll be playing songs from Welcome the Stranger and provoking discussion on the refugee crisis here and there over the coming months. If you would like me to come and play in your lounge, church, house-group, coffee shop or bar, community group, synagogue, mosque, garden, bandstand, or wherever, please drop me an email at: If you’re […]

Out Now…

Pay as you feel on Bandcamp. Proceeds go to Citizens UK’s work with Refugees in Northern France. Hard copies available at gigs and gatherings. See you soon.

The New Record…

  Dear all. The new record: a collection of stories and reflections from the refugee crisis. We’re used to seeing rows of refugee tents in faraway lands. The camps that now appear on our own borders mark a new thing. The Strangers have made a fork in the road in front of us. What now? How […]